Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!!

I wish I had some punctuating thing to say about 2011 but really it was a pretty benign year for us.  Amanda turned 4 and Kevin turned 2.  I had LASIK.  That's about the extent of the really memorable stuff.  I guess that's how you want it to be :)

We are hitting the ground running again this year.  We're already booked up for almost every weekend in January and well into February.  Amanda's "rockstar" birthday party is the last weekend of January.  I dawdled in getting the invites out until mid-December so I decided to delay it a week and do it the 28th (even though her birthday is the 17th).  I have the goodie bags bought, decorations purchased and entertainment booked.  Just have to figure out the food.  And pray the weather is good.  It's a crap-shoot in January.  Some years it's been cold & rainy, and other years it's warm & sunny.  Amanda really wanted to have her party at home with a bouncer, so cross your fingers it stays warm & sunny for us!

New Years was quiet as usual.  Kids went to bed at their normal time.  I considered letting Amanda stay up until 9pm to watch NY turn to midnight but Mike put the kibash on that.  We rented "Captain America", and played a game of Monopoly (I won), kissed at midnight and then I went to bed.  Since I won Monopoly, Mike got up with the kids at 6:30, then he went back to bed when I got up at 8.   I discovered Target was open at 8am on New Years Day, so we headed to Target and got some shopping done with Mike slept in until about 10:30.  The kids were super-good that day as well. 

Actually all last week (their school was closed and Mike had the week of) they were on their best behaviour.  Sometimes I wonder if school is actually teaching them bad habits, or maybe they don't get enough nap or something... but man all week I came home to glowing reports of how they played nicely together with their new toys and rarely fought!  Go kids!  I took Wed. off and we headed over to Travel Town at Griffith Park.  Kevin is really into trains lately, and he LOVED it, especially riding on the train that goes around the park!

Then I had to work on January 2nd :(  First time since 2006, but I had to go in for a half day to get our year-end accruals in to corporate.  They insisted they have everything by end of day on the 2nd (even though they take the rest of the week to actually post everything).  Turned out to not be that bad of a day.  Hardly anyone was in the office, and those that were there showed up with food, food and more food!  I had a McDonalds egg McMuffin, a donut and a bagel for breakfast.  Then our CFO bought us lunch at The Counter too.  Plus the VP of Accounting brought in a hoard of desserts and tequila shots for after lunch!  I was done with work by 12:30, but stuck around until 2 eating and playing games.  If I had made any sort of resolution to eat less, yesterday would NOT have been good for me!

My only real resolution this year is to be better organized.  We're starting with a cleaning lady.  I finally broke Mike down and he is allowing me to have her come once a month.  It's not as nice as every 2 weeks, but it's better than nothing!  We will still have to do the in-between cleaning, but I'm hoping this will help us all stay better organized and less cluttered.

Cheers to the new year!

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Erica said...

You gain a cleaning lady and I lose one. Luckily not the same one. Cheers to you and happy 2012!