Friday, June 6, 2008

Lots o' pictures

Ok, first here's from the sprinkler system re-do. There's Mike re-burying the new system, and a couple pictures of the open half vs. the buried half. If anyone needs help putting a new system in, we're experts at this point. We've done the back AND the front now!

Here's from my company picnic. First, us on the ferris wheel. Amanda did NOT like it one bit!

Playing with a soccer ball:

Riding the merry-go-round

Playing with "moo" the cow:

These next few are from the other night. I usually wrap Amanda up in her towel and then carry her back to her room to get ready for bed, but she took off laughing so I had to take a few pics!

And as the towel started to fall off...

Yes, I got some pictures of her running around naked too, but I'm saving those for blackmail after she's old enough to start dating!!

These are from this morning... She climbed into her tunnel (the ocean wonders playmat that converts to a tunnel) and started bringing ALL her toys and blankets in with her! I was laughing so hard at her!

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Aaron & Winona Ready said...

Happy Fathers Day Mike! Super cute family pictures, we would love to hang out.