Monday, June 30, 2008

Trip o' Blunders (part 1)

This was by FAR the trip with the most problems/blunders I think I've ever had.  It started out normal enough.  We flew out of LAX on Wednesday evening at 5:30pm.  We were supposed to arrive in Chicago O'Hare at 11:30, but arrived at 10:30pm instead.  Yay!  We even had a smaller plane, so it was quick to load and  unload.  But, because of construction zones all the way home, we didn't actually get home until after 1am.  Apparently (according to Nick), there are 2 "seasons" in the midwest - Winter, and "Construction".  So yea.  fun times.

Thursday was the day to visit Nick (Rocky) in Madison.  We were going to rent a car, but Mike's mom insisted we use her car, so off we went.  But, because of the late night before I had a hard time getting Mike up, so we left an hour late.  Then, what should have been just over a 2 hour drive became a 3 hour drive because a big rig had flipped across the highway just outside of Janesville, WI which caused traffic to back up for over an hour.  *sigh*  BUT, we had a GREAT time!

Here's Mike sitting in traffic, "I can't smile, I'm trying to drive".

And Amanda happily playing with her phone in the back seat.  We relied HEAVILY on the pacifier this trip.  I'm hoping we can phase out it's use in the next month or two.

We arrived finally about 1pm and got a tour of Nick's home (very nice).  Then headed off on a walking tour of Madison.  First stop: the State Capitol Building.

Next stop: State Street.  Notice the construction (must be that "construction" season!)

We stopped for lunch at State Street Brats, but first Nick had to get some cash from the "fee free ATM"

It had this sign above it, which perplexed us all.

Mike walked up and said "Forgive me ATM for I have sinned, it has been 5 days since my last withdrawal"  Hee hee.

Amanda in the booth we ate in.

Then it was off to see the University of Wisconsin, Madison: Nick's alma mater.  On our way in, we saw the "International Friendship Center" and stopped to take a pic.

And then Amanda had to play in the fountain.

Which had some disgusting things floating in it.

Next we headed down to the lakeshore.  I think Lake Mendota?  Anyway, we saw some ducks there which Amanda was fascinated by.

Then we headed along the 2-mile trail that leads to Picnic Pointe.  We did about a mile, then headed back through the campus so Nick could show us the buildings he attended and worked in.  Beautiful history there.

After a quick snack with Ashley, it was time to head out.  Now's the time to mention that Amanda had pooped about 5 times during the course of the day.  I was on my last diaper and completely out of wipes, but figured we could make the 2 hour trip home, right?  WRONG.  We hit Rockford, IL and guess who decided to poop AGAIN?!?!  Arg!  So we had to make a quick stop at Target to pick up more diapers and wipes (THANK GOD for GPS that has "points of interest").  Finally made it home at about 9:45pm and quickly put Amanda to bed.

I'll continue with the rest of the trip later.  Too tired to continue now...

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