Monday, June 23, 2008


Amanda has apparently learned a new word at daycare: "MINE!"  I spent the weekend with her grabbing everything in sight, yelling "MINE!"  At first it was cute, now it's getting annoying...

She has also learned "All done!" and will let you know when she's done with whatever she's doing.  This is the first actual 2-word phrase she's put together.  I'm not sure if she actually thinks this is one word or not, but I find it makes things a lot easier sometimes!

This past weekend was HOT.  Saturday Mike went waterskiing so Amanda and I headed to Target to get a little wading pool to cool off in.  I (of course) forgot the camera, so I didn't get any pictures of  her playing in it   But, after we came inside and I was rinsing Amanda off, I snapped some pictures of her playing in the sink.

And afterwards drinking from her sippy cup (I just thought this picture is cute)

Also, Sunday I openned the spoons I bought at Target that are designed to help kids learn to eat with utensils and let Amanda go to town.  Here's her digging into her applesauce.  She did awesome for her first try with her own utensil!

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