Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bullet Points

I've had a few posts I've been thinking about, but each seems to not be long enough for it's own post, so I'm just going to do a random bullet point-like entry of stuff.
  • Addiction - I have never thought of myself as having an addictive personality. However, I heard on the radio the other day about someone with a 'food addiction', and it sounded JUST like me. I am *so* addicted to sweets/sugar, it's not even funny. I can't have just one, I need to eat a ton, and even when my belly is full I want to eat more! So now can I say I have a sickness and get disability pay?
  • 'The Grace of Silence' - I heard an interview with Michele Norris about this memoir she wrote (I think it's released this week) and it really made me think. They talked about a particular experience that her dad had in his younger days that he chose not to tell his daughter about. And she was saying how her life would have probably taken a completely different path had he decided to tell her instead. It makes me wonder since my parents are still alive, if there is anything like this in their lives that they have chosen not to tell my sisters & I about. And also, is there anything like this in my life I would never tell my kids about? And what if I did tell them and the path it put them on was not what I would have liked? Weird thought, huh?
  • Working mom vs. Stay-at-home mom - For me, this wasn't a choice. We live in an expensive city and I need to work if we are going to be able to afford a house and luxuries. But it amazes me how if I mention how hard it is to work AND raise two young kids, everyone jumps all over me and says "then just stay home!" Really? Is that supposed to be easier? Because I don't think so. Work is almost my repreive. I get to talk to adults. I get to eat lunch at my leisure. I get to write in this blog! Yet the 'accepted' norm is still for moms to stay home with the kids. I think we are stuck in the in-between generation where it's still not 100% accepted for moms to work full time. And sometimes it sucks when I know it's necessary for me to do it, but by doing so I'm not making everyone happy.

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lightscameralifego said...

I agree with the working mom vs. Stay-at-home mom. Both are hard jobs for very different reasons!