Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why I hate the dealer

I've had to enter the GM dealer exactly 3 times now.

One - to buy my truck.
Two - to get a free replacement part that was recalled on the tailgate
Three - Today. I had to get a new driver's side lock & handle

All three times have been nightmares.
Well, the first one wasn't too bad because I left with my truck!

The second, I made an appointment at a dealer by our house. It's across the street from a mall. I go to drop it off, and can't find the person I made the appointment with. Finally they track him down, and he of course tries to sell me on a bunch of other things. I say no and give him my cell phone number and tell him I'll be across the street at the mall, call me when it's done. This is at 4pm in the evening. The garage is only open until 6. I head to the mall, and around 5:30 I head back (no phone call). I actually trip somehow on my way back and my ankle is in serious pain, but I make it and look for my "specialist" who is (yet again) not in his office.
I wait another hour in the waiting room with no phone call, no page, no nothing. Finally I walk up to the window and ask the receptionist about my car. She looks at me puzzled and asks me who my specialist is. I tell her, and she looks at me even more surprised and says "He went home hours ago!"
Great. Ahem.
So she goes to get someone else to help me. A half hour later, I finally get called over and sign some paperwork. She tells me to go wait out front and they will bring me my car. So I go wait. And wait. And wait.
Finally after a long time, someone approaches me and asks which is my car again? So I tell him, he looks at my receipt and disappears again. He comes back second time (still no car!) and this time takes my receipt from me.
FINALLY comes back with my truck and says he's sorry, it was at the very back of the lot. Ya, thanks.
So, 8:30 at night I finally leave.

Fast forward 4 years. My truck looks like someone tried to break in. The lock on the driver's door is now INSIDE the door, preventing my window from rolling down. I'm told by several mechanics that it's only something the dealer can fix. So, I make an appointment on Monday with, we'll call him "R". Why they insist on assigning you a "specialist" is beyond me. This time I had to go to a different dealer farther away because the one by the mall is now closed.
I pull in this morning, and eventually find him. He doesn't even remember why I made the appointment! He tells me they will have an estimate for me fairly quickly, but it shouldn't be more than an hour. I tell him I will be in the waiting lounge, and he says no problem, he'll come get me.
2 hours later. I'm still sitting there. So I go find "R" again (not an easy feat) and ask for an update. He shuffles through some papers, types something into the computer, humms and hahs, and tells me he'll go find out. Comes back to tell me not only does the lock need replacing, but the handle does as well.
"How long is this going to take" (read: it's already been 2 hours, what have you people been doing?)
"Well, since he needs to take apart the whole door, it'll probably be at least an hour & a half, maybe two hours" (read: We got her by the balls, let's see how much longer we can keep her!)
*sigh* "Ok, you know where to find me"
"Oh, and by the way, we recommend about another $1,000 in services to your truck. Do you want to do them now?"
"Um, no thank you. [you blood sucking, money-hungry, POS]"

Meanwhile, people have come and gone in the time I've been waiting there! What kind of service is this!

So, I go back to the waiting room, FINISH the book I started that morning, finish the magazine I brought, watch some soap opera, and finally it's lunch time and Mike picks me up to go get some lunch.

FINALLY, 5 hours after I dropped the car off, he calls my cell phone while I'm at lunch to tell me it's done.

And yet again, they "lost" my car and I had to wait nearly a half hour to get it.

My whole day was wasted. Sitting around waiting for a stupid lock and handle to be replaced.

Stupid dealer. Stupid people trying to break in my car.

Oh, and "R" told me I was "lucky" because if the lock thing doesn't work, usually they break your window to break in to the car. He says someone must have scared them off.

Ya, I'm real lucky I guess.

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