Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Feelin' HOT HOT HOT!

So here in LA, we haven't had much of a 'summer'. In fact, I bought Kevin a bunch of 12 month shorts outfits thinking I would need them, and half of them sit unused in his drawers still! Well, all of a sudden this week (at the end of September!) the weather decided to wake up and pour on the heat. And pour on it did, we hit record highs on Monday, including 113 degrees in downtown LA!

So on Sunday I decided to finally set up the bouncer with the water tube it comes with, thus making it a water slide!

I apologize in advance, I was going to make a smaller collage out of these, but it seems Mike hasn't installed Photoshop on my new laptop yet, so I can't do it. So here are a bunch of pictures of the kids splashing and sliding around in the bouncer-ball-pit-turned-water-slide.

Amanda taking the plunge:
water play 003

water play 009

water play 017

Kevin joined her once he woke up from his nap:
water play 032

He was a little hesitant at first, and mostly watched Amanda playing in the water, but eventually he started laughing and getting into it:
water play 035

At the top of the slide
water play 041

water play 049

water play 053

water play 065

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Shell said...

So cute. I want to play. :-)