Thursday, February 16, 2012

Customer Service just isn't what it used to be.

Remember when you were young and your mom would say, get a phone bill with the wrong amount billed?  She would call AT&T and have it ironed out in 5 minutes with a credit to the bill and a gift in the mail.  They were desperate to keep your business.

I have *never* had that experience.  But the latest one is a doosie.  I belong to various deal sites where they have a deal a day at 50% off or more.  Just before Valentine's Day one was offered for flavored popcorn.  I <3 flavored popcorn, so I jumped on it.  I ordered a 3-way tin in a Valentine's heart pattern.  Here's what arrived yesterday:

Where are the Valentine hearts?  And why exactly is the popcorn OUTSIDE the tin?  See those two stickers sticking off the sides?  That was supposed to hold the lid on, and it obviously didn't.  *sigh*

So this morning, I e-mail customer service.  Their response?  That it was 'disclosed' that you may not get a Valentine Heart tin (I finally found it after digging around the website, in extremely tiny print off in a corner somewhere), and they are very sorry but they aren't responsible for what happens in transit.  Really?

This comes after the wake of a similar experience at work where a dormant check is now lost in a black hole and no one can find it, and no one is claiming responsibility.  And I'm left shaking my head wondering what happened to good customer service?

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