Monday, February 6, 2012

Say hello to my little friend!

Meet the new boat (yet to be named):
The above picture is at the gas station near the guy's house we bought it from.  The tires needed to be filled before embarking on our 90 minute journey home.

We officially picked up the new boat yesterday (Sunday) and brought it home.  The guy insisted we pay him in cash, so here's Mike holding all that cash before we left.

It was seriously nerve-racking getting so much cash out of the bank on Friday!  The teller counted it all out for me too before he gave it to me, so anyone watching could see I was taking a WAD of cash out.

Overall the entire transaction was pretty painless.  The guys was very trustworthy, and even though we had to pay off his bank directly and they sent the title to him, he came through and signed the title over to us.

Then we got home, and discovered the boat is too wide to fit up our driveway :(  While Mike had worried it was too long, he assumed it was the same width as the Midnight Mist (or only slightly wider, but not enough to worry about).  Turns out, we were wrong and there isn't any easy way to get the boat into our backyard.  So after trying to squeeze it through for about a 1/2 hour, Mike gave up and left it parked there for a bit until the Super Bowl visitors left from in front of our house.

Meanwhile, the kids played in the boat, hanging from the new tower.  Here is a pic of them "just hanging out".  Both kids love the new boat and can't wait to go out on it.  I love the extra room it affords inside, and it has TONS of storage space.  Mike is more than excited about the wakeboarding 'extras' like Perfect Pass and a ballast system.  Looking forward to a fun summer on the new boat!

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