Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Everyday around here

So it used to be that every night after bath, I would read Kevin a book while Mike read Amanda a book, and then we'd switch.  Well, now Kevin *insists* on being in Amanda's room while Daddy reads to Amanda, so here's a pic I took of them on Amanda's bed, reading.  Kevin is also asserting some independence and insists on picking out his pajamas nowadays.  Thus, the thin, summer pajamas in the heart of winter.  Good thing we have a space heater in his room!

And this next picture was taken on Lincoln's birthday. I headed to the Pepperdine College campus to pick up tickets to 2 great kids shows coming up in the next couple months.  Outside the theater is this great fountain.  The kids threw in some pennies and enjoyed the water for a bit before we headed home for naps.  The entire day turned out really nice despite having to lug the kids around running errands.

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