Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Farmer's Markets

Anyone notice the sudden emergence of Farmer's Markets recently? Maybe it's just a California thing. I remember when the farmer's market started up on the block across the street from my work. I believe it was 2002. We were so excited. Fresh fruit and veggies at a reasonable price. And other vendors started coming too, selling jewelry and homemade cookies... you name it, they probably had someone selling it. I bought toe rings there a few years back. She fitted them for me, and I wore them all day. Came home that night and tried to take them off after a hot shower... ya, never wear closed, non-adjustable toe rings in the shower. My toe swelled. The rings stayed the same size. My toe turned red. My toe turned purple. I finally had to get some wire cutters out and cut the rings off. Fun times. That was the end of my attempt to make my toes pretty.

Meanwhile, there are at least 3 farmer's markets within walking distance of my house on Saturdays now. THREE! I've visited two of them and was sorely disappointed. The one by my work on Thursdays continues to be my source for fresh produce. And lunch. Yummmm Hawaiian chicken!

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