Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I must be getting old

Today I got a call from an auditor at work. I get a call from this nice woman at the beginning of every year. The first call I get from her every year, we catch up. And it's really interesting to see the progression. She started calling me before I was married. The next year I was getting married and changing my name. A few years later she was getting married and changing her name. And so on... anyway in the phone call today we found out we both had children this year (her first, my second). I found it really interesting that we both have 1) stayed with the same company for so many years and 2) been able to stay in contact and follow each other's lives through basically the same progression of life.

There have been so many people in my life that have sort of drifted in, and drifted out again. Facebook has been awesome at allowing me to find these people again, but I find it fascinating to see what "stage" in life people are in. At my age, most of my peers are getting married or having babies. But there are some that are not quite there yet. And there are those that are far past that too.

Another interesting tidbit is I found a LONG lost friend on facebook this week. She was my absolute bestest friend in high school. With her by my side, I experienced my first kiss, my first boyfriend, and all the laughter and giggles that teenage girls do at that age. I really feel like her and I were kindred spirits. We didn't attend the same high school but would get together every weekend, often playing tennis (our favorite sport) at the local park and meeting up with boys our very strict parents wouldn't allow us to see on a normal basis. Somehow we drifted apart in college (not surprising since we went to completely different places). I thought about her often though, and I have tried many times over the years to search her out. I had pretty much given up ever finding her again when out of the blue, there she was on facebook! I sent her a message and I guess I have gotten used to people and their iphone technology so when she didn't respond almost immediately, my first thought was "What did I do to make her mad at me?!" (that gives you an idea of how my mind works!). But last night she finally replied, and happily she was excited to find me too. She is rather busy becoming a doctor, but we are planning on getting together soon and catching up. I absolutely cannot wait and am looking forward to it with bated breath.

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