Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day 2010

This year we celebrated with a brunch at my sister Erin's house. She is very pregnant (due the beginning of August) and she didn't want to have to go anywhere, so she hosted. Her in-laws & family were also there, so there was a total of 5 kids (and 1 in belly). At one point they were all lined up on the couch watching tv:

Left to right, that's Amanda, Kevin, Jaelen, Jordan & Andrew.

Close up of Amanda & Kevin. Jaelen loved sitting next to the baby :)

And a little later, here's a pic of Daddy & Son on the floor.

Andrew also wanted his time with Kevin, so here they are cuddling

And later in the day (at home), here's Daddy sporting his father's day tie from Kevin and posing with Amanda.

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