Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Segway tour!

So for my birthday (in April) Mike had planned on taking me on a Segway tour as my present. At the time, he was laid off and so I just needed to take a day off. Well, the day I took off, Kevin ended up getting sick, so we had to postpone. Then Mike took a new job, and he doesn't get any paid days off, and it looked like we would just postpone indefinitely. But this week Mike decided f-it, and took an unpaid day off. We went to Santa Monica, rented a Segway and took a tour through Santa Monica to Venice and back (along the beach). It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and we had a BLAST!

Mike in the training room, getting used to the Segway:

Me in the training room:

Our first stop overlooking the beach:

On the pier in Venice

Mike chasing a seagull on the pier

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