Wednesday, November 17, 2010

15 months

Ok, was able to extract and upload to blogger this picture.  Tell me if that is not the cutest face you've ever seen?

I think Kevin is teething.  He puts something in his mouth almost constantly.  He currently has his two bottom teeth, and it looks like the top two are beginning to cut through.  Only took 15 months, but he's finally getting his teeth!

It's amazing how different boys & girls are.  Kevin *loves* to make as much noise as he can.  He yells, screams, hits two things together, whatever he can to make some noise.  Amanda on the other hand, scared of anything that is even slightly loud.

Here are a couple pics from when he discovered he could make a lot of noise hitting the stove with a wooden spoon!

By the way, notice his outfit?  That would be what daycare put him in when he soiled his regular clothes.  They claimed it was the only thing the could find, but I checked and he had 3 perfectly good outfits there, that were not swim trunks.  Oh well, we had a good laugh out of it!

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