Monday, November 29, 2010

To be a kid again...

Mike went on a trip to Vegas in October. While he was there he played at an arcade-type place (kind of like Chuck-E-Cheese) where the games spit out tickets. One of the things he got with the tickets was something called "B'Loonie". You blow into a tube connected to a tube of liquid latex basically, and you end up with "balloons". But the balloons are sticky, so what they ended up doing was sticking them to whatever was around and going on to the next one.  Thus, I ended up with "baloons" growing out of my trash can one afternoon.

The next couple of pictures is pretty funny and needs a little explanation.  So I was undressing Amanda one evening for her bath (while Mike was in Vegas) and my hand slipped before I got her shirt all the way up over her head.  It was still covering up one of her eyes, so I laughed and said something about her being a pirate.  Amanda proceeded to say "argh matey" which made me laugh even harder.  So I left her shirt partway on and tied the sleeves behind like a bandana and we pranced through the house saying "Argh matey!"

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I am trying to get Kevin undressed for his bath.  He is a slippery one who often runs away, which he proceeded to do before I could get his shirt all the way off.

Well, now Amanda wants in on the fun too, so she insisted I do the same to her shirt! Then both kids ran around the house acting like pirates.


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