Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I love the Internet

I remember growing up my mom had a special coupon drawer.  Yes, a full drawer dedicated to just coupons.  She poured through the Sunday newspaper and clipped them, and whenever they came in the mail, she would throw them in her drawer.  Then when it was time to go shopping, she'd take a good 15 minutesto go through her coupons and make sure she wasn't missing anything.
Compare this to today.  There are websites like where you just go, print what you need for that shopping trip, and wallah, instant savings! 

People used to buy Christmas gifts for family, then either package & ship them themselves, or carry them in their bags to their destination.  Today, shipping is free on most sites (especially around the holidays), and often cheaper than buying in a brick-and-mortar store.
I just purchased all the gifts for my neices and nephews for Christmas. was having a 4-day sale w/free shipping, and through my work I got an extra $5 off.  I sent them all directly to Illinois where they will be waiting when we arrive on the 23rd of Dec.  Easy peasy!  I love that.  No gas used, less time to find things, cheaper than doing it myself, and sooooooooo much easier.

Now comes the hard part.  Amanda is at an age where she understands Santa.  We're going to be in Illinois for Christmas this year.  Do I buy "Santa" gifts for her and ship them out there for her to find Christmas morning?  Then try and figure out how to get them home.  Or tell her that Santa still comes to our house in CA and she will get them when we get home?  I'm thinking a little of both.  Maybe some small gifts that can be carried she will get in Illinois, and anything big will be waiting for her at home.  Either way, should be an interesting holiday...

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