Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Picture Problems

My pictures don't seem to work from work anymore.  I can't extract the link to the picture on flickr.  I have a bunch of pictures to post too, and I can't get them over here!  Work is pretty much the only time I can sneak a minute to post on this blog.  Home is where the chaos starts!

This last weekend we took the kids and my sister Erin's kids to a local park and had "professional" photos taken to be used as Christmas presents.  It was supposed to be of just the kids, but she ended up taking pictures of each of us with the kids too.  I'm still waiting for the link to see the results.  I wasn't blown away by her technique, and after viewing a friends' session, I'm not expecting anything spectacular.  I'm beginning to think I'm jaded.  Maybe it's the new camera, but I feel like I have very rarely gotten the caliber of picture that I want.  Amanda's 6 month pictures and Kevin's 1 year pictures are the exception.  I really liked those pictures.  But other than that, I would call everything else "blah".  What I really really wish is that I had gotten the name of the photographer who did Amanda's 6 month pictures at JCPenney and then possibly hired her outside of there.  Because she had some really amazing ideas and beautiful shots.  But alas, it's been 3 years and I have no way of finding out who that was at this point!

Another of my pet peeves - the prices photographers charge!  I completely understand a price for their time.  Say $200/hour to have them take your picture.  You are paying them for their time, just like I am paid for my time at work.  However, what I don't understand is ALSO paying an arm and a leg for the photograph.  Ok, I am not paid ALSO per spreadsheet that I prepare at work.  So the whole "copyright infringement" thing is just assinine in my opinion.  If I pay you for your time, I shouldn't also have to pay $500 for a picture that took you a fraction of a second to push the button on the camera for.  If I then can't pay for the photograph, I just paid $200 for nothing!  Ridiculous.

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lightscameralifego said...

I so feel you on the photograph part! I get so frustrated that photographers want to charge me $22 for a 4x6 photograph. Come on...I'm not ignorant...I know it doesn't cost even 1/100th of that to print it. I get a bit of a markup...but that's over the top and taking advantage of people.